Physiological function of Fuji FF

Suppression of triglyceride

Due to an increased intake of fat, there is an increasing number of people with high 
lipid levels in theblood. Hyperlipedemia may lead to myocardial infarction or cerebral
infarction. According to our studies,Fuji FF was found to be active in
decreasingtriglyceride in blood, as well as the cholesterol in the liver.

Suppression of blood sugar increase

Fuji FF is a polymerized fructose and a non-digedstible type of sugar, and therefore
dose not increase theblood sugar level by itself.Also,Fuji FF, when taken with food,
is eective in supporessing the increaseblood sugar levels after meal.

Low calorie

Fuji FF is a polymerized fructose and a non-digestible type of sugar that is dicult to
digest in the humanstomach and intestines. Due to this property, Fuji FF is able to
reach the large intestine and is thenutilized after undergoing enzyme degradation.
The caoric value of Fuji FF is estimated to contain2 kcal/g.

Other Function

Fiber enrichment : help to increase fiber in beverages, Bread, Yogur Fat
Replacement : to be fat replacer in margarine, milk, cakestexture inprovements ;
help to improve crispness in cracker , cookies, batter mix, cereal bars
Masking ; cam mask the unpleasant taste or odor of functional materials, help to
improve the flavor od vegetable drink, tea drink and tofu.